Jesila Ledesma

Jesila Ledesma is currently working as Advocate for Micro Enterprise and Micro Finance Development. Jesila has more than 25 years of development experience with the last 15 years focused on micro enterprise and micro finance development work in the Philippines,Vietnam, Cambodia and India. She heads MEDIA, Inc., a non-governmental organisation based in Manila, dedicated to the research and dissemination of practical knowledge and business tools to increase and strengthen the capacities of Filipino micro entrepreneurs.

She has worked for a number of years with MicroSave, an international consulting firm that provides practical and market-led solutions assisting its clients achieve their business objectives.

Posts by Jesila Ledesma

Mission-Focused Decision Making at ASKI – A Case Study on Social Performance Management

This case study traces ASKI’s one-year journey to strengthen its capacity to track and report on its progress to attain its mission.

Building MIS Capacity for Social Performance Reporting

This Briefing Note describes the processes that ASKI followed to determine MIS requirements and the initial steps that were taken in 2014 to improve the MIS.

Developing a Tool to Measure Client Satisfaction and Protection

This note highlights how ASKI went about piloting the CSPS. The note also brings- lessons learnt by ASKI in this pilot and how this can be an effective management tool.

Increasing Staff Productivity in Agriculture Microfinance

This Note highlights the efforts of TSPI in the Philippines to develop productivity incentives to support the growth of their TSPI Palayan (Rice) Programme (TPP).

Listen In Order To Protect Clients

This note discusses, how a microfinance institution can put client protection into practice? Start the process by listening to clients and staff.

Understanding Over-Indebtedness

This video talks about over-indebtedness. The subject is ranked by microfinance industry stakeholders as the top risk facing the industry in 2012. Simply put, over-indebtedness is a situation where one takes on too much debt beyond one’s capacity to pay. When faced with such situation, the poor takes on further sacrifices in basic quality of […]

Developing a Tool to Assess Client Protection

This Note highlights the steps required to implement the ServQual tool, the rigorous process taken to develop and test the tool and the potential of the tool to assist financial service providers.

Clients Speak on Client Protection- Findings from ASKI- the Philippines

Research team from MSC and ASKI conducted 24 FGDs with both urban and rural microfinance clients in the Philippines to measure the importance and relevance of client protection principles.