Kate Okoue

Akou Kate Phebée Karelle Okoué is an Assistant Manager in MicroSave Consulting. She is a public relations specialist with 6 years of experience gained through working for international organisations and institutions in Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and South Africa.

Her areas of expertise include public relations, communication and project management. She specialises in the development and the implementation of strategic marketing and communication plans. She is fluent in both French and English.

Posts by Kate Okoue

Women are making inroads in the African tech ecosystem

Around the world, gender diversity remains a huge challenge for businesses. According to Roland Berger, the profitability of businesses is on average 34% higher when a woman leads them. But how is it in the FinTech ecosystem in Africa? Find the answers in our blog here.

COVID-19: Impacted yet proactive youth response to the crisis through innovation

COVID-19 has disrupted normal life—in terms of health, economy, and society. The pandemic is unique in that it affects all segments of the population, including youth. Young people are more vulnerable to declining labor demand. However, instead of giving up, youth have shown their resilience and turned this crisis into business opportunities, creating brilliant initiatives.