Lynn Pikholz

Lynn is currently the President and CEO at CapitalPlus Exchange. CapitalPlus Exchange enables financial institutions in emerging markets to serve small and growing businesses more effectively and profitably.

Lynn is a great professional to have on team and knowledgeable finance expert in her domain. While working with MSC, she has authored few publications viz., ShoreCap Exchange: Leveraging Human Capital For Performance And Growth, Implementing Risk Management at MicroSave’s Partner Microfinance Institutions, and Proactive Risk Management: Lessons for Microfinance Institutions.

Posts by Lynn Pikholz

ShoreCap Exchange: Leveraging Human Capital For Performance And Growth

The ShoreCap Exchange forum addresses strategies and tools for attracting and retaining talent, enhancing the alignment of human resource practices with primary business goals and using human capital to build institutional strengths. ShoreCap Exchange is a ShoreBank capacity building company that helps banks working to serve small business and microfinance markets overcome the substantial operational […]

Implementing Risk Management at MicroSave’s Partner Microfinance Institutions 

The note suggests that the MicroSave’s “Toolkit for Institutional and Product Development Risk Analysis” if rigorously applied, will help in early detection and management of risks.

Proactive Risk Management: Lessons for Microfinance Institutions

This note discusses the role of proactive risk management as an essential element to the long-term sustainability of a microfinance institution.