Pamela Champagne

Pamela Champagne is the Senior Team Consultant at ShoreBank International, USA.

Pamela Champagne is a Senior Team Consultant for the Shorebank Advisory Services, USA. She is responsible for the development of the Process Mapping toolkit, together with MSC and Women’s World Banking. Pamela has also been vital in the development of the Risk Analysis toolkit.

Posts by Pamela Champagne

Process Mapping

In this video, Pamela Champagne, Consultant, ShoreBank International, explains the importance of process mapping for MFIs and the benefits these could provide to the MFIs. Pamela emphasises that process maps can be used for various purposes such as staff training and orientation, to help visualise processes in their future state without making major capital investment […]

Internal Audit and Risk Management in MFIs

This video talks about Internal Audit and Risk Management where Pamela Champagne, Consultant, ShoreBank International, discusses the key components of Internal Audit System. She explains the reporting structure of Internal Audit, the staffing required and how to make the audit effective. She further discusses the responsibility of various stakeholders in risk management and how BoD […]

Implementing Risk Management at MicroSave’s Partner Microfinance Institutions 

The note suggests that the MicroSave’s “Toolkit for Institutional and Product Development Risk Analysis” if rigorously applied, will help in early detection and management of risks.

Process Mapping For Risk Management and Process Improvement

The note discusses in detail about constructing process maps for risk analysis and process improvements in ten steps.

Proactive Risk Management: Lessons for Microfinance Institutions

This note discusses the role of proactive risk management as an essential element to the long-term sustainability of a microfinance institution.