Mike McCaffrey

Currently is working as Financial Technology Adviser at Ulana Insights. Ulana Insights offers Advisory services for digital pioneers in emerging markets.

While working with MSC, Mike launched and led the development of the HELIX INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL FINANCE, which offers training, consulting and research for strategic operations in digital finance. Also designed the strategy for, and managed the implementation of the Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) project in eleven key markets around the world, which strives to distill operational factors of success for creating mass market distribution networks for financial services.

Posts by Mike McCaffrey

The Powerful Agents & Fractured Markets of Pakistan

Pakistan is easily one of the top five leading digital finance markets in the world; yet also certainly one of the least understood.  Anyone striving to learn about it must first understand how the Over-the-Counter (OTC) methodology adopted in Pakistan works, as it operates uniquely compared to other markets, especially those where it is unregulated.  […]

Kenya Moves Beyond M-PESA

Since the launch of M-PESA in 2007 the story of digital finance in Kenya has been synonymous with that of the story of M-PESA.  However, data just released from The Helix Institute of Digital Financeshows that this now seems to be changing, which is exciting to watch, and also important understand. In 2013, The Helix Institute survey of over 2,000 agents […]

Anchoring Agent Commissions: How Much is Enough?

How much does an agent need to earn to be satisfied, and stay motivated enough to provide a high quality of service to customers?  Behavioral science teaches us that people anchor their appraisals of value to other numbers around them in the ecosystem. Marketing firms understand this concept well, often enticing us to perceive a […]

Building big backbones for innovation

Having industry giants develop and own distribution channels can provide the scale needed for providers currently struggling to drive revenues from small margins. This blog explores ways in which providers can build big backbones for Innovation for DFS to thrive.

The Ebbs & Flows of Liquidity Management

Advanced Liquidity Management: While liquidity management is consistently cited as one of the most challenging elements of managing an agent network, there are times when it is more difficult than others.  People’s need to deposit, withdraw and send value fluctuates quite considerably, and so while an agent might understand how much e-float and cash to […]

The Human Touch Required to Evolve Digital Finance

Service Offerings at Agents are Static & Rudimentary Across East Africa The Helix Institute’s research (2013) is showing that even after seven years of market development in Kenya, six years in Tanzania and five in Uganda, agents are still providing the same very rudimentary services that they did from the beginning.  The graph below shows that just about all […]

Agent Network Accelerator Survey – Bangladesh Country Report 2014

Bangladesh has created many unique systems for agent network management which are yielding world-class results especially with regards to liquidity management.  However, transaction volumes and profits are low compared to East Africa and support structures are still developing. The research is based on 2,490 nationally representative agent interviews, carried out between March and April 2014. […]

Every successful launch first needs a launchpad: Opportunities for agent banking in nigeria

This blog explores the opportunities for agent banking in Nigeria following the passage of the 2009 Regulatory Framework for Mobile Payment Services by The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)