Mike McCaffrey

Currently is working as Financial Technology Adviser at Ulana Insights. Ulana Insights offers Advisory services for digital pioneers in emerging markets.

While working with MSC, Mike launched and led the development of the HELIX INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL FINANCE, which offers training, consulting and research for strategic operations in digital finance. Also designed the strategy for, and managed the implementation of the Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) project in eleven key markets around the world, which strives to distill operational factors of success for creating mass market distribution networks for financial services.

Posts by Mike McCaffrey

Scaling Your Agent Network

This presentation covers the agent network build-up strategy

The Status of Agents in Kenya: Proliferation, Dominance, Evolution & Impact

The presentation discussed the four major findings of proliferation, dominance, evolution and impact.

Reaching the Mass Market: Lessons from Eight Years of Mobile Money

It covers key lessons learnt from the digital finance industry

UTL Telecom’s M-Sente (Model 4: Build on GSM airtime distributors)

UTL chose to build an agent network directly on top of its GSM network. Thus far it has registered 8,000 agents, 2,700 of which are active on a 90 day basis.

United Commercial Bank Limited (Model 3: Piece together with smaller master agents)

United Commercial Bank Limited (UCB) is reported to have 149 branches and 101 ATMs in Bangladesh. UCB originally wanted to build its own agent network so it could maintain a high level of control over its agents, ensuring both compliance with Bangladesh Bank regulations, and a high level of service for customers.

MovilRed/Tranza in Colombia (Model 7: use shared agent network)

All banks offer Tranza a line of credit to finance the float account that Tranza must maintain with them. As the bank agency business has grown, Tranza now finds itself occasionally hitting the overall credit ceiling that a bank´s risk department sets for individual borrowers. From the beginning it sought to become a multi-bank network, and refused to grant exclusivity to any bank.

MobiCash Bangladesh (Model 4: Build on GSM airtime distributors)

MobiCash would like to develop a dominant agent network at the national level. However the issue remains that every agent it invests in is allowed to offer direct services for any other organisation in the market.

The Health & Profitability of Agent Networks in Tanzania

This presentation was conducted during the launch  of our Tanzania Agent Network Accelerator report.