Mike McCaffrey

Currently is working as Financial Technology Adviser at Ulana Insights. Ulana Insights offers Advisory services for digital pioneers in emerging markets.

While working with MSC, Mike launched and led the development of the HELIX INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL FINANCE, which offers training, consulting and research for strategic operations in digital finance. Also designed the strategy for, and managed the implementation of the Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) project in eleven key markets around the world, which strives to distill operational factors of success for creating mass market distribution networks for financial services.

Posts by Mike McCaffrey

Competition in Tanzania – Fact or Fable?

Tanzania is often cited as a model competitive market in digital financial services (DFS) with the three major providers healthily competing against one another. However, the story is a bit more complicated than that, and to really understand market dynamics in Tanzania it helps to examine competition from a few angles, and on a more […]

The status of agents in Kenya: Proliferation, dominance, evolution & impact

This blog delves deep to focus on four key themes that emerged from the Agent Network Accelerator Survey: Kenya Country Report 2013, namely, the proliferation of agents in the country, the effect of Safaricom’s dominance, how the network of agents is evolving, and the indicators for the impact it is having on financial inclusion.

Agent Network Accelerator Survey – Kenya Country Report 2013

This report is based on mobile money surveys carried out at the end of 2013.

Agent Network Survey: Tanzania Country Report 2013

The Tanzania Country Report is based on a national representative sample of over 2,000 mobile money agent surveys.

Highlights from The Helix’s Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) Survey of Tanzania

The Helix Institute of Digital Finance’s second Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) report based on a nationally representative survey of 2,052 agent networks in Tanzania, coupled with extensive qualitative interviews across the country, provides extraordinary insights into agent networks in Tanzania. The survey includes all providers offering agent banking or mobile money services, taking special interest in the country’s three […]

Emerging Trends for Agent Networks in 2014

https://www.microsave.net/helix-institute/Talking about the world’s most ambitious research project on agent networks, Mike McCaffrey, Head of Digital Financial Services – Africa, highlights three key trends to watch out for agent networks in 2014; inter-connectivity, liquidity tethering and fraud. Mike also introduces The Helix Institute of Digital Finance, a world-class training institute for digital finance (mobile money […]

Agent Network Accelerator Survey – Uganda Country Report 2013

The report paints a picture of the stage of maturity of the market there, focusing on the operational factors of success, and residual challenges the country still faces.

Behavioural Insights for Digital Financial Inclusion

Over the recent years advances in technology have extended access to financial services to tens of millions of people around the world, through mobile phones, biometrics and card based systems. However, activity rates on these systems has remained low and represents one of the greatest challenges in financial inclusion today. This video describes the need […]