Annabel Schiff

Director, The FiDA Partnership at Caribou Digital United Kingdom

Annabel is Program Director on the Mastercard Foundation's FiDA Partnership at Caribou Digital. Caribou Digital provides investment advisory, strategy advisory, and research services to profit and non-profit organizations focused on building inclusive digital economies in developing markets. Previously Annabel worked as a Senior Manager in the Digital Finance Department at MicroSave, based in Nairobi, Kenya. At MicroSave the majority of Annabel’s work focused on The Helix Institute of Digital Finance, providing world-class, operational level training and cutting-edge research for digital finance providers across the developing world. Previous to MicroSave her background was in Marketing and Branding.

Posts by Annabel Schiff

Finclusion to Fintech – Product Development for Low-Income Markets

The paper is aimed to serve as a tool to help fintech providers design appropriate financial products that underserved individuals will want to use on a regular basis.

Redesigning DFS for Big Data

In a newly released paper from the Helix Institute of Digital Finance, titled, Redesigning Digital Finance for Big Data, we begin by offering a framework of analysis for understanding the myriad of different players in the fintech world. This paper goes on to suggest important strategies that digital finance providers (mobile network operators [MNOs], banks and third parties) […]

Demystifying The Role of Master Agents

Agents are deemed the lynchpin of any successful digital finance (mobile money or agent banking) roll-out. A plethora of literature has been written about the role they play in building successful and sustainable digital finance businesses.  Less attention has been paid to the critical work of Master Agents who constitute an important, if not crucial, element in the agent-based […]

Consumer Risks and Rewards Amid Increased Competition in Kenya

Change is upon us.  After eight years of market dominance Safaricom’s M-PESA seems to have finally met a potential contender, the banks.  Data from The Helix Institute of Digital Finance shows that between 2013 and 2014 banks in Kenya (in particular Equity Bank) have aggressively grown their agent networks, and now account for 15% of the agent market share, up […]

Aligning Customer and Agent Value Propositions to Drive Profits

The presentation covers: how to define a customer value proposition

Competition in Tanzania – Fact or Fable?

Tanzania is often cited as a model competitive market in digital financial services (DFS) with the three major providers healthily competing against one another. However, the story is a bit more complicated than that, and to really understand market dynamics in Tanzania it helps to examine competition from a few angles, and on a more […]

Agent Network Accelerator Survey – Kenya Country Report 2013

This report is based on mobile money surveys carried out at the end of 2013.

Mobile Money Merchant Payments – What does the Future Hold?

In October 2012, GSMA MMU asked the burning question; ‘Can mobile money work for merchant payments?’ Across the developed world cards are being swiped, dipped or waved to pay for everyday purchases, but the question remains if mobile money can, or will, have the same levels of usage in the developing world. Currently mobile money providers have […]