Mosharrof Hossain

Mosharrof Hossain is the Director of Finance at BURO, Bangladesh. BURO is a national level "not-for-profit", non-government development organization set up in 1990 with a view to work for the poor on a sustainable basis to reduce poverty.

Mosharrof Hossain has 23 years of experience in financial management, fund mobilization, networking, capacity building, system design, budget preparation, financial analysis, and internal control. He has also worked to design and implement accounting and monitoring systems. Hossain was the Chairman of Credit and Development Forum (CDF)—a network to facilitate the microfinance industry.

Posts by Mosharrof Hossain

BURO, Tangail’s Approach to Product Development – A Case Study

The present paper uses the CGAP Case Study Framework and examines how BURO Tangail, an innovative large/medium scale MFI operating in Bangladesh sets about the process of product development.

Savings Are a human right (and good business too): The case for voluntary, open access savings facilities

Based on experiences drawn from Bangladesh, this essay puts forward a case for voluntary, open-access savings schemes as a profitable alternative to compulsory, locked-in savings schemes.