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Posts by MSC

Informal Sector Finance Systems: What The Microfinance Industry Can Learn From Them

Draws lessons from the informal sector financial systems in East Africa, West Africa, South Africa and India and their implications for microfinance institutions.

HIV/AIDS -Responding To A Silent Economic Crisis Among Microfinance Clients In Kenya and Uganda

The paper examines how households respond to and manage the crisis that HIV/AIDS brings and how MFIs might assist them to do so.

Client Exits (Drop-outs) Amongst Tanzanian Microfinance Institutions

The paper examines why the MFIs in Tanzania suffer such remarkably high levels of drop-out amongst their clients.

Client Drop-outs From East African Microfinance Institutions

Synthesizes the country studies conducted in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and examines why MFIs in East Africa suffer such remarkably high levels of drop-out amongst their clients.