Prinny Anderson

Prinny Anderson is the lead Human Capital Professional for Small Business Banking Network. Prinny is a globally recognized human capital educator, coach, author and consultant and the principal of Design for Learning & Change in Durham, North Carolina, USA.

Prinny Anderson’s professional life includes executive coaching, management training, and human capital consulting with microfinance institutions in developing economies. Her education consists of a BA from Bryn Mawr College, a masters in education from Reed College, and an MBA from the London Business School. Prinny’s involvement with Coming to the Table (CTTT) began with the first gathering in 2006 of five sets of linked descendants – people descended from the formerly enslaved side by side with descendants of their former owners. She has served on the Board of Directors of CTTT and is now on the Community Activities Committee and the Linked Descendants group. Prinny is on the Board of Directors of the Historic Stagville Foundation, an historic property owned by the NC Department of Cultural Resources, located just north of Durham.

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Being Strategic about HR

This note focuses -HRM must be treated as a strategic function, must be integrated into all other strategic planning and implementation.