Sita Vasudevan

Sita is currently working as an Independent Consultant in the field of Human Resource Management.

Sita has a business management degree with a specialization in Human Resource Management and her interest lies in aligning HR solutions to the organization’s larger needs. As a practicing HR/Management Consultant, she has over 18 years of line and consulting experience in Talent Assessment and Talent Management, Strategic HR practices, Training and Capacity building interventions, Managerial Effectiveness and Development programs, General Management and business interventions. She has worked with a number of clients in the business and social enterprise sectors across the world.

Posts by Sita Vasudevan

Recruiting and Retaining a Large Workforce – Lessons from the BPO Sector

This note draws lessons from the BPO industry and concludes that managing large workforce is no longer about providing life-time career option, but having mutual beneficial time spent in organisation.

Being Strategic about HR

This note focuses -HRM must be treated as a strategic function, must be integrated into all other strategic planning and implementation.