Rocky Milingita

Assistant Manager

Rocky Abdoul Milingita is an Assistant Manager in MSC Francophone Africa. He works in the Democratic Republic of Congo and has more than seven years of experience in the microfinance and banking sector.

Rocky is specialized in internal control and risk management, agent network management, and monitoring and evaluation. He has worked in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Rwanda, and Senegal. He has expertise in agent banking implementation, internal policies and procedures, internal risk control framework, loan portfolio audit, marketing, retail and group lending, training facilitation, institutional analysis, and market research.

Posts by Rocky Milingita

Price wars and agent motivation in rural areas of Côte d’Ivoire

In the current decade, mobile money and agent networks are positioned as a critical lever and a channel to promote economic, social, and financial inclusion in the last mile. Côte d’Ivoire has a banked population rate of 30.8% and a mobile money penetration rate of 73%. Mobile money, therefore, plays an increasingly important role in financial inclusion in the country.

Do young entrepreneurs need new skills in a rapidly evolving digital world?

This blog discusses the importance of developing these digital skills for the youth to thrive in today’s digital world. We also outline the critical steps to be followed during the digital skills training to increase its practical applicability.