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Digital financial capability—revealing teachable moments through phygital (physical + digital) channels

This blog sheds light on tailoring delivery channels to maximize the impact of digital financial capabilities (DFC) content. It introduces personas and the phygital, teachable, and engagement or PTE framework. Read on to learn how we can enhance the adoption of DFC content through the integration of physical and digital channels and the use of teachable moments and interactive tools.

Digital financial capability—using emotions to design content

Read this blog to understand the importance of increasing users’ confidence in using digital financial services by using the concept of emotional design to create digital financial capabilities (DFC) content. Emotional designs nudge users to convert long-lasting attitudes into actions. They encompass three levels: visceral, behavioral, and reflective. Through a series of illustrative examples, the blog also presents insights to enable the design of impactful DFC interventions.

Do young entrepreneurs need new skills in a rapidly evolving digital world?

This blog discusses the importance of developing these digital skills for the youth to thrive in today’s digital world. We also outline the critical steps to be followed during the digital skills training to increase its practical applicability.