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The use of digital platforms for business—insights from Women’s Business Diaries in Bangladesh

This insights note explains how female business owners in Bangladesh use digital platforms and the underlying reasons behind that.

Decoding the extent and exposure of financial fraud among DFS customers

The publication decodes the extent and exposure of financial fraud among digital financial services’ (DFS) customers. It offers insights and policy recommendations from MSC’s evaluation.

The climate crisis is not gender neutral – women’s voices must be heard

This blog highlights the gendered impacts of climate change on women in developing nations. Women face higher risks and burdens from climate change due to several factors. These include limited participation in decision-making, unequal access to resources, and gender-based cultural norms. These gendered impacts lead to socioeconomic, health, and behavioral issues for women. Climate change also increases their unpaid labor, emotional stress, and social problems, such as child marriages. Limited access to education and resources, in turn, hinders women’s entrepreneurship and limits their resilience-building capacity. This blog uncovers many women’s voices and brings back the focus on women’s involvement in community-level planning for effective climate change adaptation.

Smallholder farmers worldwide are on a perilous journey amid climate change—where are they headed?

The blog highlights the increasing pressure on smallholder farmers due to climate change, as they strive to build resilience and adapt to climate events. This journey is filled with challenges and is not a straightforward path. Nevertheless, there is hope in transformative agricultural technologies that can positively impact the agri-food systems, where smallholder farmers hold a crucial role. The main obstacle lies in promoting and supporting the adoption of these technologies among farmers to aid them in their journey towards sustainability and climate resilience.