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He works as an associate in MSC’s Data & Innovation Domain.

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The climate crisis is not gender neutral – women’s voices must be heard

This blog highlights the gendered impacts of climate change on women in developing nations. Women face higher risks and burdens from climate change due to several factors. These include limited participation in decision-making, unequal access to resources, and gender-based cultural norms. These gendered impacts lead to socioeconomic, health, and behavioral issues for women. Climate change also increases their unpaid labor, emotional stress, and social problems, such as child marriages. Limited access to education and resources, in turn, hinders women’s entrepreneurship and limits their resilience-building capacity. This blog uncovers many women’s voices and brings back the focus on women’s involvement in community-level planning for effective climate change adaptation.

Smallholder farmers worldwide are on a perilous journey amid climate change—where are they headed?

The blog highlights the increasing pressure on smallholder farmers due to climate change, as they strive to build resilience and adapt to climate events. This journey is filled with challenges and is not a straightforward path. Nevertheless, there is hope in transformative agricultural technologies that can positively impact the agri-food systems, where smallholder farmers hold a crucial role. The main obstacle lies in promoting and supporting the adoption of these technologies among farmers to aid them in their journey towards sustainability and climate resilience.

Adopting a segmentation approach to serve enterprises in Kenya: Insights from the FinAccess Household Survey 2021

We used the FinAccess data to develop a composite score-based index. This index helped us segment these MSMEs based on their sophistication levels to identify their business needs and growth opportunities and maximize their business sophistication levels. In this blog, we discuss our findings from this segmentation exercise.

Were countries adopting digital payments financially resilient during COVID-19? The data suggests so

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred the growth of digital payments worldwide. MSC’s studies revealed the increase in scope and intent of digital payments among LMI groups and MSMEs. We analyzed data from World Bank in 2020 and the Global Findex Database 2021 to probe the relationship between the adoption of digital payments and the economic resilience of countries. We analyzed data from 11 countries. The research proved the hypothesis that the adoption of digital payments in developing economies has a positive correlation with financial resilience.

Data segmentation to understand your audience better

MSC strives to design better products and processes for our clients and evaluate the social value they create. Yet we cannot afford to consider the entire customer base of our clients as a single entity. MSC uses customer segmentation to account for nuances and differences in human behavior. We have worked with different clients to help them understand their customer’s banking needs, financial behavior, and creditworthiness. This blog presents our experience and lessons from our customer segmentation work to address clients’ needs.

ChitMonks: Giving India’s oldest form of banking a new look

This blog is a sequel to our previous blog on ChitMonks under the Financial Inclusion Lab accelerator program. Chit funds are an old and essential financial service in India, which remains mainly in the analog mode. ChitMonks are working to digitalize the industry. In this blog, we take you through ChitMonks’ journey, the startup’s progress since the second cohort of the FILab, its struggles and achievements, and its plans.