Gayatri Ahuja

Gayatri Ahuja is an Associate in the Governments and Social Impact domain at MSC. In this role, she works in the areas of social protection and policy-implementation.

Posts by Gayatri Ahuja

Charting new heights: What does it take for women to work in the formal economy?

India can boost its GDP exponentially by increasing women’s participation in the formal economy. This blog explores some interventions the government can take to recruit and retain women in the workforce. These include policies to make it easier for businesses to provide on-site childcare and incentives for private companies to hire more women.

Decoding the extent and exposure of financial fraud among DFS customers

The publication decodes the extent and exposure of financial fraud among digital financial services’ (DFS) customers. It offers insights and policy recommendations from MSC’s evaluation.

Portability transactions of the Public Distribution System under One Nation One Ration Card: Why is portability working so well for Delhi?

ONORC is an ambitious government program that strives to ensure food security for millions of migrants across India. However, Delhi accounts for approximately 70% of interstate portability transactions under ONORC. Other Indian states with larger migrant populations, such as Maharashtra and Gujarat, account for only 9% of interstate portability transactions. This blog examines the factors that have led to higher interstate portability transactions in Delhi and recommends a way forward for other states to adopt.