Damini Mohan


Damini Mohan is an Analyst in MSC’s Government and Social Impact Domain.

She is a public policy professional with experience of over 4 years working with non-profits, government agencies, and social impact organizations in India and United States of America. Her areas of expertise include research, program design, financial and economic policy, gender mainstreaming. She has undertaken projects on gender analysis, monitoring and evaluation, market research and public policy analysis.

Posts by Damini Mohan

G2P Next in India: Choice, resilience and inclusivity

Our policy brief draws on global trends to understand how G2P programs can evolve to address India’s challenges. We look at how expanding beneficiary choice and inclusion while building resilience in social protection programs can increase the impact of G2P programs.

A framework to design user centric social protection programs

MSC has devised a framework that stakeholders can use to design and evaluate social protection programs through a user centric-lens. The framework facilitates a comparison of different DBT programs while offering a standard through which lessons, innovations, and best practices can be explored by policy makers and program implementers.