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Safety Net for the Poor: BRAC Bangladesh

In this video, Syed Hashemi, a senior microfinance specialist of CGAP, talks about the effectiveness of microfinance in Bangladesh not only in terms of economic development but also social change. Elaborating this point Hashemi says that it has brought women to the economic foreground and provided better schooling facilities and legal rights to the bottom […]

Microfinance in Bangladesh BRAC

In this video, Senior Microfinance Specialist of CGAP Syed Hashemi talks about the common vision of Muhammad Yunus and Fazle Hasan Abed i.e social transformation. Hashemi describes the different methods followed by both leaders to build a society where the poor were integrated in the development process. He explains in detail about the organisational structure […]

Microfinance in Bangladesh: Grameen Bank

In this video, Senior Microfinance Specialist of CGAP Syed Hashemi discusses the principles and features of microfinance in Bangladesh. Talking about the success of microfinance in the country, Hashemi applauds dynamic leaders such as Muhammad Yunus, Fazle Hasan Abed who have used microfinance as an anti-dote for poverty in post-liberalised Bangladesh. Hashemi highlights the role […]

Microinsurance: A Case Study Of An Example Of The Full Service Model Of Microinsurance Provision Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)

This case study is a part of a series of case studies designed to review insurance products offered to the poor by some of the most prominent organisations.