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Potential for Leasing Products: Asset Financing for Micro – & Small Businesses in Tanzania and Uganda

This study explores the potential for the development of products specifically targeted towards asset finance in the micro and small enterprise (MSE) sector in East Africa. It also assesses the demand for and supply of leasing services in East Africa.

Reducing Vulnerability: The Supply of Health Microinsurance in East Africa

This paper addresses the supply side of micro-insurance. The authors identified seven institutions in the East African region as case studies to help understand supply side products and operations.

Poverty Africa Health Programme – Health Microinsurance

Poverty Africa (POA) is an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Tanzania. This paper highlights POA’s holistic health promotion strategy and institutional structure and describes its micro-insurance scheme.

MEDIPLUS Health Services – Nairobi, Kenya

The paper outlines the interventions and strategies adopted by MediPlus, a privately owned, for-profit health maintenance organisation (HMO) in Nairobi.

Community Health Plan (“CHeaP” – Kisumu, Kenya)

The paper describes the Community Health Plan (CHeaP), a project of the microfinance organisation CENT, in Kisumu, Kenya and how it uses a savings-based methodology for collecting health insurance premiums.

Kitovu Patients Pre-Payment Scheme (Kitovu Hospital, Masaka, Uganda)

Kitovu Patients’ Pre payment Scheme (KPPS) is a hospital-based model of health care provision operating in Masaka, Uganda. This paper briefly reviews the health care prepayment scheme of the hospital.

CIDR – Community Based Health Prepayment Programme, Uganda

This paper discusses village-based program uses a mutual insurance model that has as its objective complete “ownership” of the activities by the members.

Microcare Ltd. Health Plan (Uganda)

This paper summarizes the interventions of Microcare, a not-for-profit organisation involved in the provision of health care financing services in Uganda.