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The relative risks to the savings of poor people

In view of the highly risky nature of saving in the informal sector, it is probably necessary to think more about helping clients understand the relative risk of saving in these semi-formal institutions. It should also be noted that the evidence from this study suggests that poor people do value some form of external accountability.

Potential for Leasing Products: Asset Financing for Micro – & Small Businesses in Tanzania and Uganda

This study explores the potential for the development of products specifically targeted towards asset finance in the micro and small enterprise (MSE) sector in East Africa. It also assesses the demand for and supply of leasing services in East Africa.

Strategic marketing for microfinance institutions

Outlines a framework comprising three primary strategies focusing on: Corporate Brand and Identity, Competitive environments; which is particularly important in Product Strategy, development, costing/pricing and sales/promotion

Corporate Brand and Identity  – Why They Are Important for MFIs

This briefing note focuses on significance of corporate branding and lessons learned therein.

Strategic Marketing for MicroFinance Institutions

This note analyses the role of strategic marketing in optimising communication systems of MFIs. The note brings out strategies which can help existing MFIs to increase/ retain their customer base.

Lessons from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme 2002

MicroSave’s goal is to promote the development of high-quality financial services for poor people. This report documents the progress made under the Action Research Programme during 2002.

Lessons from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme (2002)

This note documents the lessons learned in 2002 under the Action Research Programme of MicroSave. The note focuses on responsiveness towards clients concerns as a key to profitability.

Competition Working for Customers: The Evolution of the Uganda MicroFinance Sector A Longitudinal Study from December 2001 to March 2003

This paper is part of study “The Competitive Environment in Uganda – Implications for Microfinance Institutions and their Clients” sponsored by MicroSave and DFID’s FSDU (Financial Sector Deepening Uganda) programme.