“How did the new pricing strategy increase the income for Eko agents?” – Lessons from a pilot with Eko India Financial Services

Incentives remain a critical factor besides others to steer agents’ decision-making to onboard or continue their business with a particular agent network manager (ANM). The level of compensation affects the motivation of BC agents and, in turn, the quality of service they provide through these agent outlets. This deck analyzes the journey of the FinTech platform Eko and how its new incentive structure for its large network of agents impacted their business.

Eko, a FinTech platform with a large agent network, offers a subscription-based pricing model to its agents, which helps them earn commission in a tiered manner based on the volume and value of transactions at their outlets. Eko strives to offer value to its agents and thus plans to change the plans to meet the needs of its agents. With MSC’s support, Eko developed new plans and tweaked its incentive structure to suit agent-specific needs better.

This deck looks at the approach taken to develop new plans and assesses their feasibility and their impact on the earnings of different categories of agents.

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Disha Bhavnani

Senior Manager

Sunil Bhat

Associate Partner