Aastha Kapoor

Astha Kapoor is an independent public policy consultant who specializes in the delivery of government welfare services.

While at MSC, Aastha advised the central government of India on the design of programs with a focus on access to food. She designed and implemented India’s first pilot on the use of cash coupons for food in Karnataka. She has also worked with Dalberg Global Development Advisors, consulting clients like the Japan International Cooperation Agency, and USAID. Astha has contributed to the Government of India’s 12th five-year plan as a part of the planning commission and has worked on India’s only universal basic income pilot with the Self Employed Women’s Association. Astha holds a Masters in Social Development from the Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, Netherlands.

Posts by Aastha Kapoor

Cash Coupons – A Viable Alternative?

This India Focus Note explores the cash coupon system, which aims to addresses the existing problems in the Public Distribution System (PDS) in India, which are leakages, quality, and convenience.

Understanding Karnataka’s Food Coupon System

The Department of Food and Civil Supplies, Karnataka began reforming public distribution by rolling-out Food Coupons in Bangalore. While it was a well-meaning and thought-out idea it resulted in much heartburn among beneficiaries.