Vijay Ravi

Assistant Manager

Vijay is an Assistant Manager in Digital Financial Services domain of MSC India, focused in Government and Social Impact (GSI).

Vijay is an Assistant Manager in Digital Financial Services domain of MSC India, focused in Government and Social Impact (GSI). He is a financial sector consultant with over two years of experience of working with various government departments and financial service providers. Vijay has implemented projects in Organizational Strengthening, Risk Management, Research and Dissemination and in Product and Channel Innovations. Some of his acquired skills include project management, market research, product development, behavioral analysis, process re-engineering, and development communication.

Posts by Vijay Ravi

DBT in education: A study on delivery of in-kind benefits to elementary school students in Uttar Pradesh

Our study in Uttar Pradesh on DBT in education specifically looks at in-kind benefits transfers to school children.

Where is my teacher?

This publication talks about the primary problem plaguing the education system in India and discusses a few innovative solutions to help improve the situation of public education in the country.

DBT in education: A study of delivery of in-kind benefits to secondary school Students in Uttar Pradesh

The objectives of the study were to understand the processes for the distribution of benefits; understand the allied systems that the processes make use of; identify gaps in the processes and suggest opportunities for improvement.

Is India Ready to Phase-out Subsidised Kerosene?

This blog discussed possibilities regarding how India can phase out kerosesne subsidy.

Cash Coupons – A Viable Alternative?

This India Focus Note explores the cash coupon system, which aims to addresses the existing problems in the Public Distribution System (PDS) in India, which are leakages, quality, and convenience.

Understanding Karnataka’s Food Coupon System

The Department of Food and Civil Supplies, Karnataka began reforming public distribution by rolling-out Food Coupons in Bangalore. While it was a well-meaning and thought-out idea it resulted in much heartburn among beneficiaries.

Is Soil Health Card the Magic Pill for Agricultural Woes?

This note focusses on the Soil Health Cards , introduced by GOI for farmers in 2016 under the National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture to promote judicious use of fertilisers amongst the farming community.

Designing Beneficiary-Centric ‘Direct Benefit Transfer’ Programmes: Lessons from India – Part II

This Policy Note Part II, details out the “Seven Steps of DBT Programme Design” for a robust and beneficiary centric direct benefit transfer programme.