Aishwarya Singh

Aishwarya Singh is the Regional Director at ABY Farmers LLP, New Delhi. ABY Farmers LLP is an agro-processing and marketing social enterprise recognized as a startup by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Aishwarya Singh is the Regional Director at ABY Farmers LLP, New Delhi.  He was a Senior Manager in MSC and led the Digital Financial Services—Government and Social Impact domain. Aishwarya has over 16 years of multi-disciplinary and hands-on experience obtained through working with the government, handling relationships, framing the public policy, and through implementation of large scale projects for the ministry and the state governments. His expertise includes policy formulation, government linkages, micro-credit (SHG financing), microinsurance, financial inclusion, livelihoods, social transfers, social protection banking, and insurance.

Posts by Aishwarya Singh

DBT in education: A study on delivery of in-kind benefits to elementary school students in Uttar Pradesh

Our study in Uttar Pradesh on DBT in education specifically looks at in-kind benefits transfers to school children.

Assessing the most ambitious public financial inclusion drive in history

This note highlights the survey conducted by MicroSave, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to understand customers’ experience with PMJDY.

Where is my teacher?

This publication talks about the primary problem plaguing the education system in India and discusses a few innovative solutions to help improve the situation of public education in the country.

RuPay cards – A long road ahead

Rupay – India’s own payment gateway network, is a low-cost alternative to other payment gateways, such as MasterCard and VISA.

DBT in education: A study of delivery of in-kind benefits to secondary school Students in Uttar Pradesh

The objectives of the study were to understand the processes for the distribution of benefits; understand the allied systems that the processes make use of; identify gaps in the processes and suggest opportunities for improvement.

Triple Burden of Malnutrition in India – Are We Doing Enough?

The blog highlights how India is working to solve the problem of malnutrition.

National Family Health Survey

The note highlights the evolving Indian DFS landscape by discussing the insights from MicroSave’s State of the Agent Network India, 2017 (ANA) Wave II Research

Land record digitization-Exploring new horizon in digital financial services for farmers

The Government of India has been taking a lot of new initiatives in order to make the processes efficient and error-free. A recent launch of Digital India Land Records Modernisation Programme (DILRMP) in August 2008 is one such initiative. Digitised land records will open a lot of new horizons to explore and implement. This focus note discusses few such use cases and the requirements to implement the use cases successfully.