Anjaneyulu Ballem

Anjaneyulu is the Vice President–Financial Inclusion at BASIX Consulting and Technology Services Ltd. in Hyderabad.

Anjaneyulu has over 22 years of experience in assisting financial institutions, especially community based microfinance institutions, in providing services to low income clientèle. He has worked with USAID supported FAIDA (Financial Access for Investing in the Development of Afghanistan) Project to provide technical support to three major MFIs of Afghanistan–IIFC (Islamic Investment and Finance) Group, FINCA International, and OXUS International. He worked as a Specialist with MSC, where he led the Community Based Financial Institutions practice and was primarily responsible to drive the objectives and strategy of the practice group.

Posts by Anjaneyulu Ballem

SHG Audit – A Field Balance Sheet Approach

This note details the pioneering “Field Balance Sheet Approach” towards auditing SHGs. It provides a step by step process for conducting the audit as well as explores the benefits.

Savings Mobilisation in SHGs: Opportunities and Challenges

This focus note explains the reasons why the poor save in SHGs and further explores how financial institutions like banks and MFIs lend to SHGs based on their internal savings.