Anowar Hossain

Anowar is the Regional Director of Asia at BRAC International, Bangladesh.

Anowar has over 15 years of experience leading the largest country program of BRAC International with an annual budget of over USD 23 Million in both development and humanitarian programs. He also leads a team of around 3500 staff of multicultural background. He serves as the Convener of Haor (Wetland) Advocacy Platform and Dhaka School of Economics Alumni Association. Anowar is the EC member of the network on South Asian Solidarity for River and People, and the Member Secretary of the Bangladesh Networks on Environmental Governance (BNEG).

Posts by Anowar Hossain

Innovative Approaches to Delivering Microfinance Services: The Case of VSSU, West Bengal

This report reviews the work of VSSU, a MFI in West Bengal and attempts to assess the opportunities and constraints of VSSU’s services and to their replication elsewhere