Hossin Ripon

Hossin Islam is the Deputy Coordinator at the WAVE Foundation, Bangladesh.

Hossin Islam has 18 years of experience in microfinance and social development gained through working with various banks, NGOs, government bodies, local communities, donors, and clients. With a practitioner’s knowledge of operational and financial self-sufficiency in microfinance programs, he founded his own microfinance agency called the People’s Development Foundation. He has held various managerial positions in SafeSave, BURO Bangladesh, and the Dushtha Shashthya Kendra.  

Posts by Hossin Ripon

Innovative Approaches to Delivering Microfinance Services: The Case of VSSU, West Bengal

This report reviews the work of VSSU, a MFI in West Bengal and attempts to assess the opportunities and constraints of VSSU’s services and to their replication elsewhere