Anup Singh

Associate Partner

Anup leads MSC’s Banking and Financial Services domain in Africa and is a key contributor to our research working group.

Anup Singh leads MSC’s Banking and Financial Services domain in Africa and is a key contributor to our research working group. With 11 years of experience, his expertise includes the formulation of strategic plans for banks and financial institutions, market research, scoping and segmentation, product, and process design, product planning and roll-out, and training. Anup has consulted over 100 institutions including commercial banks and non-banking financial corporations across Africa and Asia. He has also trained at the Boulder Institute of Microfinance on Product Development and Implementation for Financial Services. Before joining MSC, Anup worked as an Associate with the Centre for Microfinance based in Chennai, where he advised financial institutions on the design and implementation of enterprise financing and value chain lending products. He also worked with agricultural finance and livelihood services providers  to develop and re-engineer value chains.

Posts by Anup Singh


This video gives an overview of the rapid growth in digital credit and focuses on the Kenyan landscape.

Digital enterprise credit: the potential and way forward

This video looks at the potential of digital enterprise lending and how digital technology has the potential to enhance MSME credit.

Digital consumer credit versus microcredit

This video looks at the similarities and the differences between Digital Credit and Micro Credit and there seems to be a startling array of similarities which might warrant us to re-learn the same lessons all over again.

Digital Credit -Challenges and Potential

This video gives market insights from Kenya: The number of people who have borrowed digital loans, the portfolio quality of these loans as well as the number of people negatively listed on the credit reference bureau

MSME Finance in Uganda-Status and Opportunity for Financial Institutions

This note features MSMEs’ access to finance in Uganda and charts a potential roadmap for banks and other financial institutions as they expand and downscale to serve the market.

MSME Finance in Malawi-Status and Opportunity for Financial Institutions

In this note, MicroSave conducted a study to understand the needs of MSME clients to give insights towards redefining the credit products and services to better serve this market niche.

MSME Finance in Rwanda-Status and Opportunity for Financial Institutions

This briefing note elaborates on key findings of the research and how financial institutions can profitably serve this strategic and niche segment in Rwanda.

Are good banking systems and processes enough to entice customers?

A middle tier emerging bank wanted to service the Medium and Small Enterprise customer segment. While working with them, our learning was that the seemingly best products, processes, resources etc. might look good at a strategic level but it is bound to low adoption (fail) if not integrated with the human factors; their preferences, behaviour […]