Byomkesh Mishra

Byomkesh is an educator, mentor, and entrepreneur working extensively with youth in India.

Byomkesh is co-founder of Medha, a career guidance and support organization that has impacted over 25,000 students across 200 educational campuses. He is a graduate of IRMA and has worked in microfinance and CSR before Medha.

Posts by Byomkesh Mishra

Putting India’s demographic dividend to work: Skill development for a digital economy

India sees 13 million young people joining the workforce every year. Yet many cannot get employment. Overwhelmingly, 70% of the workforce is still engaged in the informal sector, which does not provide job benefits like the safety of tenure or a social safety net. Amid this, India is undergoing a digital transformation, offering a pathway for gainful economic opportunities for the young in India. In this blog, we discuss the need to expand the current skilling architecture in India to help the young thrive in the digital economy. The blog also offers specific recommendations on its implementation.