Hermann Messan

Hermann Fumilayo is a Digital Economy and Financial Inclusion Specialist, at United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Ghana.

Hermann Fumilayo worked as an executive professional with MSC from Mar 2004 to Sep 2005. He worked with a wide range of financial institutions in West and East Africa to move them onto a market-led approach to providing financial services. This includes preparing training toolkits and then delivering intensive training and technical assistance on the following fields: Market research, Product Development, Product Costing and Pricing, Pilot Test, Strategic and Product Marketing, Product and Institutional Risk Analysis, Process Mapping. Since leaving MSC he worked with SIOM Consulting, Accion and UNCDF.

Posts by Hermann Messan

The Art and Science of Pricing Financial Services

This paper examines pricing as a determinant of customer’s choices. It tries to assess why pricing financial services are so difficult for users to understand. It also considers the pricing implications in evolution of “market-led”.

The Art and Science of Pricing Financial Services 

This note discusses the pricing concerns from customers’ perspective and the difficulty in understanding the costs associated with the financial services.

Process Mapping in Practice  

This note discusses process mapping – a technique that makes workflows visible. This note outlines the steps in process mapping.

Microleasing: An Alternative Way of Financing Productive Assets

This note briefly discusses the constraints to microleasing in developing countries in view of the legal and regulatory environment, weak economic conditions, institutional factors and client related factors.

Process mapping in practice

It presents brief case studies detailing the experience of Tanzania Postal Bank and Equity Bank in Kenya.