James Steady

Associate at BSR

James Steady is an Associate at BSR where he works across the HERproject and Supply Chain Sustainability teams. James works with companies’ supply chain, sourcing, and procurement functions to develop supply chains that deliver business value and are inclusive, resilient, and transparent, creating long-term benefit for all involved stakeholders. James has more than 10 years’ experience working internationally with governments, international funding agencies, non-profits, industry associations, and corporates to achieve joint goals and shared value that build commercial and social outcomes. He is an experienced researcher and program implementer that currently leads the research and design of digital financial inclusion efforts for the HERfinance program in India and Pakistan, including the current project to strengthen the HERfinance program in India. The HERfinance program in India supports underserved women working in international supply chains to access Digital Financial Services and take control of their financial resources.

Posts by James Steady

A phone can only do so much: Why mobile access isn’t leading to digital financial service usage among women in India

Despite significant progress in financial inclusion, low-income working women have not been able to derive benefits, even when they receive their wages digitally.