Lokesh Singh

Lokesh is the Co-Founder of Farmart Agri Service Private Limited and is currently working towards solving the most fundamental challenge of Agriculture in India , that is, the low usage of technology that leads to low productivity.

Lokesh was a Senior Manager in Digital Finance—Government and Social Impact (GSI) domain of MSC India. His responsibilities included working with government agencies and service providers to support them in the efficient implementation of G2P transfer programs.

Posts by Lokesh Singh

Feeding India’s Poor: Plugging Leakages, Without Doing Any Harm

This policy brief discusses two distinct and more recent approaches, namely, Direct Benefit Transfers and e-PDS (i.e. Automation in PDS), as undertaken by different states to address leakages.

Endline Assessment of DBT Pilots in TPDS: Some Success and Few Issues

MSC conducted three progress assessments on direct benefits transfer (DBT) in the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) in August, 2015. This note on the final assessment shows mixed results across the key indicators.

Andhra Pradesh’s Public Distribution System: A Trailblazer

This note highlights how the state of Andhra Pradesh stands out as a pioneer in automating the Public Distribution System and has achieved impressive savings in terms of cost.

Savings Achieved through FPS Automation: Step for Greater Efficiencies

In this note, we discuss the savings that have accrued because of automation of fair price shops (FPS) in Andhra Pradesh and to an extent in Telangana.

DBT in TPDS – A Mid-line Assessment: The Road Ahead Seems To Be Long

MicroSave conducted an assessment on direct benefits transfer (DBT) in the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) in August, 2015. This note looks at findings from the mid-line assessment.

Baseline Assessment for DBT in TPDS: Will This Small Step Become a Giant Leap?

This focus note is based on MicroSave’s assessment of DBT in the (TPDS) conducted in August, 2015. This note pertains to the findings of the baseline assessment.

Role of Bank Mitrs in Direct Benefit Transfer Ecosystem: Are Banks and Government Ignoring Their Brand Ambassadors?

Trusted, committed and liquid Bank Mitrs can play a much bigger role in the government’s vision for financial inclusion. This blog highlights the key challenges and opportunities to address them.

G2P Payments: Concerted Efforts Will be the Key

There exists an immense potential for G2P payments to further the cause of financial inclusion in India. This note analyses the impediments that affect the realisation of this potential from both demand and supply sides.