Marguerite Robinson

Marguerite Robinson is Director at The MasterCard Foundation.

Ms. Marguerite Robinson is a former professor, author, independent consultant, and frequent speaker on microfinance and other development issues. Ms. Robinson serves as a Director of The MasterCard Foundation. She authored The Microfinance Revolution, Volumes 1 and 2; two additional volumes are in progress. She is also an Institute Fellow Emeritus of the Harvard Institute for International Development.

Posts by Marguerite Robinson

Branchless Banking And Technology Role Of Regulators

In this video Marguerite Robinson Independent Consultant discusses the success stories of branchless banking and the major obstacles faced while establishing such business model. Marguerite further elaborates the regulators’ understanding of branchless banking and their role in facilitating the roll out of branchless banking solutions. Correspondingly, Marguerite acknowledges the contribution of CGAP towards the expansion […]

BRI Why It Became a leader

In this video Marguerite Robinson Independent Consultant discusses the success story of Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) wherein savings products were developed for low-income families of Jakarta. Sharing her experiences of Indonesia, Marguerite tells us the initial problems they faced in Indonesia. She talks about the findings of the research conducted among low income group in […]

Equity Bank Secrets Of Success

In this video, Marguerite Robinson Independent Consultant, enlists the major reasons for success of Equity Bank in Kenya namely, strong strategic planning, vision, care and understanding of clients and careful recruitment of staff to deliver high quality service. Marguerite further explains the role of MSC in establishing Equity Bank. Marguerite praises James for his initial […]

The Role of Savings In Microfinance

In this video, Marguerite Robinson, Independent Consultant, notes that poor look for certain features in their savings product. These include security, convenience, liquidity, friendly knowledgeable service, confidentiality and access to loans. Marguerite notices that demand driven products and services the low income people want are similar across the world. Further, she also explains each of […]

Mobilising Savings 

This note focuses on voluntary savings services, as compulsory savings services have witnessed drop outs in East Africa and Bangladesh.