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Digital consumer credit: nano loans, macro problems

The potential to harness digital footprints and channels to provide rapid access to credit cannot, and should not, be denied. But it will take concerted efforts to optimise the products currently being delivered and realise the full potential of the digital revolution for consumers and providers alike.

Institutional Risks

In this video, Martin Holtmann, Head of the Microfinance Unit in the IFC’s Global Financial Markets Department, discusses the kind of risks MFIs face. Elaborating on the risk factor, Martin says liquidity risk and interest rate risk is low for MFIs that are only into lending business. He further explains the risks that are important […]

Staff incentive schemes

In this video Martin Holtmann, Head of the Microfinance Unit in the IFC’s Global Financial Markets Department, talks about the staff incentive schemes typically followed by Microfinance Institutes (MFIs). Explaining the benefits of staff incentive schemes, Martin discusses various types of staff incentive schemes such as short-term monetary incentives and non-monetary incentives. Martin further explains […]

Lending Cycle: New Customer Identification Filter

In this video, Head of Microfinance at International Finance Corporation (IFC), Martin Holtman, discusses the New Customer Identification and Filter Process of lending cycle of Individual Loan Product of Equity Bank. The concept of Lending Cycle is an excellent training tool for new loan officers and other staff engaged in lending operations. Using the individual […]

Staff Incentive Schemes for Deposit Mobilisation

This note discusses in details about designing the staff incentive schemes for deposit taking microfinance institutions.

Developing Staff Incentive Schemes

Examines what lessons can be learned from staff incentive schemes from Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Designing Staff Incentive Schemes

This note lays out the principles and steps for designing effective staff incentive schemes. The note briefly discusses five types of incentive schemes.

Principles for Designing Staff Incentive Schemes

This article attempts to summarise the process of designing incentive schemes for staff members of microfinance institutions (MFIs).