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Financial Inclusion of low income earners- A Fintech success story

Bernie Akporiaye launched MaTontine in 2015. His objective was to provide a digital financial services platform so as to unlock access to financial services for the financially excluded in Africa. MaTontine goes back to a system used all over Africa called Tontines in Francophone Africa and sometimes called saving circles in other parts of Africa. Read more about this success story.

Making Digital Financial Services relevant in the lives of users – Assessment of money management tools and practices in Côte d’Ivoire.

Although the digital finance market is growing in Côte d’Ivoire, the activity rate of subscribers remains low. Clients do not use digital financial services because the current offering does not meet their financial management practices and needs. This study focuses on the identity of the low activity rate of financial users and it specifically proposes […]

From launch to lift-off: Lessons from the Beninese market

DFS providers in Benin entered the market quickly and focused primarily on scale—i.e. reaching high volumes of low-value transactions and therefore some fundamental building blocks were not cemented. This blog gives recommendations to the current providers in the market as well as for those who are considering (or planning) to launch their deployment so that they can experience high customer registration and usage

Insights from agent network accelerator surveys and opportunities for MM4P’s countries

This presentation from The Helix Institute of Digital Finance highlights important opportunities for improving agent networks on which successful digital financial services are still dependent on.

Is the non-exclusive agent network model paying off in Senegal?

The Helix Institute’s Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) Senegal country report, indicates that high levels of non-exclusivity (66%) among Senegalese agents offering competing products brings a great diversity of actors in a booming market. This blog looks at some of the advantages and challenges of the non-exclusive agent network model in this market.

Agent Network Accelerator Survey: Senegal Country Report 2015

Based on over 1,200 digital financial services  (DFS) agent interviews conducted between November and December 2015, the ANA Senegal report, funded by UNCDF MM4P Programme, highlights findings on the DFS agent landscape in Senegal covering agent profitability, transaction volumes, liquidity management and other important strategic considerations.

The demand for e-float in northern Uganda: Is agricultural activity at play?

It’s a common belief that agents in rural regions need more cash than e-float to meet the demand of their customers, while in urban areas cash-in and cash-out transactions balance themselves out. Could the demand for E-float in Northern Uganda be influenced by agricultural activities? This blog explores more