Signature Projects

MSC carried out a comprehensive customer segmentation study for the IFC on the use of mobile financial services by Bangladeshi women. The study identified specific challenges that women face in their use of MFS. The MSC team provided in-depth insights into the need for more female DFS agents, who would potentially encourage more women to use MFS.
MSC engaged in the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Pro-Poor Tourism Development Project, undertaken by World Bank and the state government of Uttar Pradesh in India. The project covered multiple aspects, such as livelihood, tourism, gender, and youth. Among other tasks, MSC designed a livelihood program for women artisans, assessed women’s livelihood activities that the tourism industry could promote, and developed a roadmap for the creative activities value chain.
MSC worked on a project to generate insights about the specific financial needs, attitudes, perceptions, and behavior of commercial sex workers in India for the Avahan project. We employed sensitive and thorough qualitative research using our Market Insights for Innovation and Design (MI4ID) tools and designed savings products accordingly. Significantly, this project considered India’s 3 million CSWs as a customer segment for financial product development and used the insights to inform the product design.
With the aim to encourage sustainable change among policymakers, Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT) contracted MSC to undertake a review of micro and small enterprise formalization requirements in Tanzania. MSC produced reports that highlighted the key constraints to business formalization that young entrepreneurs in the country faced. These reports resulted in the creation of an MSME formalization coordination committee.
MSC helped Kenya Women’s Microfinance Bank (KWFT) develop a strategy to improve the performance of the individual and SME businesses it managed. MSC’s support enhanced the outreach of KWFT. By the end of 2019, KWFT expects to reach over 100,000 individual and SMEs.
Under the Microfinance Expansion Project (MEP) in Papua New Guinea MSC collaborated with women’s community groups to promote gender issues. Among other engagements, the project trained over 150,000 people, with women comprising a significant proportion of trainees.
With the MetLife Foundation’s support, MSC has designed a global signature program for female entrepreneurs in India, Nepal, and Vietnam. The program’s focus areas are to build better livelihoods and income for these entrepreneurs, improve their financial health by enhancing their digital footprints, provide access to various financial services, and improve market linkage. MSC developed Sangini Konect, a platform under the program for women-led businesses in India. The platform supports them through various learning tools to grow their businesses and empowers them to improve their financial and digital capabilities.

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