Assessment of the implementation and usage of QRIS among small and micro-merchants in Indonesia

This report summarizes the findings from the study conducted to understand the implementation status of the Quick Response Indonesia Standard. The study highlights key aspects that encourage QRIS use by small and medium enterprises and recommendations for increasing its adoption in the country.

Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS) is one of Bank Indonesia’s (BI) initiatives to overcome some challenges in the digital era. QRIS is a key initiative of BI’s Indonesia Payment Systems Blueprint 2025 to strengthen the retail payment system.

QRIS was launched in August, 2019. Two years after its launch, it provides a cost-effective and efficient payment option to small- and micro-merchants. MSC conducted a study to analyze the implementation status, report the challenges, and identify the opportunities to increase QRIS usage in Indonesia.

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Ira Aprilianti

Assistant Manager

Louie Cepe

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Sneha Sampath