Ira Aprilianti

Assistant Manager

Ira Aprilianti is an Assistant Manager in Country Program Development domain at MSC Indonesia. She is a researcher and public policy enthusiast with almost two years of experience gained through an association with an Indonesian public policy think tank and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia for Australia. Her areas of expertise include quantitative and qualitative research, quantitative policy impact evaluation, digital economy, and development economics. She specialises in economic, development and public policy analysis

Posts by Ira Aprilianti

‘Surviving a pandemic’: Five key insights from the Corner Shop Diaries research in India and Indonesia

This blog offers five key insights drawn from early data of our Corner Shop Diaries research in India and Indonesia.

Can the often-criticized P2P FinTech platforms in Indonesia solve the lack of diversity in MSME loan programs?

To help the MSME sector recover from the pandemic, the Government of Indonesia (GoI) has budgeted IDR 123 trillion (USD 8.4 billion) as part of the National Economic Recovery Program (Program Pemulihan Ekonomi Nasional). This blog highlights the opportunities and steps needed for FinTech platforms to support the economic recovery efforts of GoI.