Akhilesh Singh

Akhilesh Kumar Singh is Chief Financial Officer at Sonata Finance Pvt. Ltd. He is a financial sector consultant with over 15 years of experience advising banks and MFIs in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Philippines.

Posts by Akhilesh Singh

How Can BC-MFIs Tap Household Savings?

MFIs do not fit into clients’ mental models of where to save. This note studies, on how MFIs can turn this situation around using client’s demand for credit and desire to accumulate lump sums as triggers to induce active savings behaviour through MFI-BCs.

The Essential Ingredients of an Effective Financial Education Programme

In this Briefing Note we discuss areas that we think were critical to the design of the financial education programme – the essential ingredients.

Is There a Magic Stick to Manage Delinquencies? 

Delinquency is a systemic issue in microfinance institutions, once it is detected a through system review is needed. There are few quick measures which can give immediate relief, if problem is detected at an early stage. However, system overhaul is essential to find long term solution. This video talks about general perception of MFIs regarding […]

Research with a roll of the dice

Gamification plays a crucial role in research, prominently for financial services research where respondents are hesitant around money questions. This blog accounts how games can help gauge right responses.

Breaking Free from the Myths of Financial Education

This Note examines myths around the design of financial education programmes, and discusses the KSAP framework for designing these programmes.

Role of information sources in financial capability

The key to understanding poor people’s financial management is to understand how they make decisions and what influences the decision making. This research explores the role of information sources in poor households’ decision making processes.

Integration and interoperability of financial services – Good for the poor, great for banks and governments

There has been a growing debate on whether greater integration and interoperability of banking and other financial services provided through the ANMs/BCNMs is a prerequisite for greater acceptance and adoption of the BC model by the consumers. MicroSave conducted a comprehensive research study on the need for integration and interoperability of financial services for the […]

The Answer is “Yes”—Cost and Willingness to Pay in India

This Policy Brief discusses how poor people manage their money better and are willing to pay for more convenient banking services in India.