Nishant Kumar

Nishant Kumar is currently working as a Business Project Manager at Lakshya Inclusion Services Private Limited, Bangalore.

Nishant Kumar is a development sector professional who has been working in the field of financial inclusion for the last eight years. He worked as a Financial Inclusion Expert at MSC. Nishant is experienced in the formulation of hypothesis based learning, quick prototyping, pivoting based on gathered evidence to formulate customer journey, and pricing and distribution strategy.

Posts by Nishant Kumar

Transformation of Microfinance Institutions to Small Finance Banks: Differentiating Men from the Boys!

This note is second in the series and examines how small finance banks can build a first-class retail institution that focusses on low-income clients.

Transformation of Microfinance Institutions into Small Finance Banks: Will it be a Roller Coaster?

In this note, we discuss various challenges that MFIs may face while transforming into small finance banks. The second note in this series would examine plausible solutions.

Can You Really Use Mobile Money for Microfinance? Lessons from a Pilot

In this Note we examine the evolution and mechanics of MNO-MFI partnership and how this partnerships could be made mutually more rewarding in the context of mobile money deployments.

Alternative financial education approach to design effective financial education/capability programmes

MicroSave implemented an Alternative Financial Education programme (AFE) at one of the biggest MFIs in north India. The tool based was based on the principle of product-led financial education, the programme delivery was embedded in the existing operational structure of the MFI, and the tools were designed using SWITCH behavior change framework.

Mobile money and microfinance: A match made in heaven or marriage gone awry?

Though most of the microfinance and mobile money partnerships have failed to scale-up in India, it is helpful to understand the challenges. This blog studies such partnerships in India share key takeaways.

How to make financial education better… maybe

Is financial education or financial literacy a branding problem? Here the authors suggest some alternative ways to make FE more meaningful and useful for end clients.

Mobile money – What lurks behind all the numbers?

What are the reasons behind quick uptake and regular use versus general indifference to sending and receiving money by phone? MicroSave shares first-hand experiences from the field.

Aadhaar Enabled Direct Benefit Transfer in East Godavari

MicroSave’s pilot study in India highlights barriers, best practices and a roadmap to implement the ambitious, policy initiative of transferring the government benefits directly into the Aadhaar linked accounts of the beneficiaries.