Isaac Ondieki

Isaac Ondieki was a Regional Managing Director of MSC in Africa from Mar 2017 to Oct 2018. He has over 20 years’ experience in management consultancy, capacity building, training, and IT audit with some of the leading global accounting firms with a focus on digital financial services, strategy formulation, capacity building, team management, bid management, supply chain management, and new technologies implementation. He has provided technical assistance and training to a variety of financial institutions throughout sub-Sahara Africa. He has worked with rural savings and credit programmes and Co-operative Saccos to develop solutions aimed at enhancing Inclusive Finance and Banking, Digital Financial Services, Small and Medium Enterprise Finance, and Private Sector Development. He is an experienced resource who has worked with both the public and private sectors to carry out major transformation projects in the areas of financial management, financial inclusion, capacity building, project management, health, water, electrical power, and transformation change management aimed at changing the quality of life of the populations. He has had an opportunity to work in Zambia, Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.

Posts by Isaac Ondieki

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