Jayana Jain

Jayana is completing her Bachelors in Economics, with honors at the Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University. At MSC, she has undertaken extensive qualitative research and analysis to understand key behavioral biases that influence people's experience of using DFS for the first time, and its subsequent adoption. She has also worked on developing the product concept for a savings product that is aligned to the needs of the LMI and ultra poor segment at India. Previously, she has been a core member of the entrepreneurship team at SRCC, where she worked on three social impact projects focused on water, livelihood, and agriculture. She has also worked with the International Innovation Corps, University of Chicago as an intern to develop scalable solutions for critical urban planning development problems.

Posts by Jayana Jain

Choice of Channel: Understanding how LMI women select a channel to conduct financial transactions

Individuals choose a channel for financial transactions based on several factors beyond just the economic cost involved. The DEBIT framework is a tool that identifies these factors and helps compute comparative scores for each channel. Comparing DEBIT scores helps us understand which channel someone chooses and why.

What does it take to nudge low- and moderate income(LMI) population segments to adopt DFS

DFS can help increase the use of financial services, catalyze women’s economic empowerment and promote the development of the overall economy. However, the adoption of DFS amongst the LMI, especially women has been limited. Considering the increasing need for digital payments, especially in the wake of restricted mobility that COVID 19 imposes, MSC attempted to understand what it takes to nudge low- and moderate-income (LMI) population segments to adopt DFS.