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Posts by MSC

Individual Lending Effective Monitoring Practices

This video interviews credit administrators and loan officers who share the best way of monitoring loans. Elaborating the monitoring process for Bishara Imara – an individual loan product of Equity Bank Kenya – Equity team emphasise the importance of close relationship between a client and credit officer. They reveal that best monitoring practice is to […]

Lending Cycle: Processing the Documents and Disbursement

Proper processing of documents is another important step in the Lending Cycle. This video discusses the practices that MFIs use to ensure that all the documents are properly prepared. It also describes the preparation of documents to initiate disbursement

Steps of Managing Loan Delinquency

This video discusses the typical steps followed by Equity Bank Kenya to manage a delinquent loan and describes the recovery process of Biashara Imara product. Equity bank team explains that the process begins with a call to the borrower followed by a visit to his/her residence. If the loan amount is still arrear then the […]

Improving MIS in Indian MFIs: An assessment with suggestions for active engagement

This paper discusses the scope of improvement for MFIs in IT. A range of areas has been summarised which can be developed to improve the usage of IT in MFIs.

Lending Cycle: Credit Committee

This video highlights the most important stage of credit cycle – Credit Committee – where a loan officer presents his/her case along with suggested loan amount for analysis. Join a typical Credit Committee of Equity Bank and see how the loan proposals get approved and rejected. The committee explains the reasons for selection and returns […]

Loan Appraisal: Home Visit

The video describes the list of activities a loan officer is expected to do and the details that need to be recorded at Home Visit. For many newcomers to microfinance, the Home Visit is probably the most unconventional part of the loan appraisal in MFIs. What does a credit officer look at when he or […]

Loan Appraisal: Visiting Client’s Business

In this video, MicroSave explains the Bishara Imara Lending Cycle, an individual loan product of Equity Bank. This episode discusses the first few steps of the lending cycle, namely, loan application, loan appraisal and analysis. After filling of the loan application, the loan officer visits the business premise and residence of the client for loan […]

Individual Lending Product Features: Equity Bank

In this video, Equity Bank team shares the challenges faced while developing Biashara Imara – an individual loan product in Kenya for people with low earnings – and what steps did they take to overcome the initial glitch. Further the branch manager attributes Biashara Imara’s success on its excellent performance based on various parameters such […]