Mukesh Sadana

Mukesh Sadana is a Digital Development Advisor with USAID, India where he helps integrate digital technology and data-driven approaches into mission programming and co-manages the project to increase the use of digital payments among low income populations.

Mukesh has over 18 years of experience in FMCG, banking, retailing, and consulting. He has worked extensively across Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, Vietnam, Malawi, and Papua New Guinea on a wide variety of assignments. Mukesh specializes in G2P payments, regulations, payment systems, product development, delivery channel design and management, consumer protection, risk analysis and risk management, and process mapping for digital financial services. Before joining USAID, he worked as a Principal Consultant in the Digital Finance domain of MSC. Mukesh has also worked with ICICI Bank in the Rural Micro-banking and Agri- business division.

Posts by Mukesh Sadana

The Curious Case of Missing Agents in Rural India

This note highlights the survey conducted by MicroSave covering five districts of U.P and Bihar, to ascertain the real presence of CSPs and their activity levels.

“Mobile phones and money: Less technology at a much lower cost “

The social and economic changes financial inclusion seeks won’t happen unless the focus is on technology, and the costs they incur providing financial services to the very poor.

Transaction Economics for Technology Enabled Branchless Banking

This report focuses on the impact of choice of technology on agent economics and its macro level impact.

Why Tech-based Banking cannot Replace Agents for Financial Inclusion?

Agents act as a vital link for the banks and financial institutions to reach out to the financially excluded segment. But can they be replaced by technology? In this episode, MSC’s digital financial expert Mukesh Sadana reveals why the time is not right for technology enabled banking. In his own words, “Agents play a very crucial […]

Regulations, challenges and next steps in M-Banking in India

One of the chronic issues with most of the mobile banking implementations has been to create a compelling business case for the agents/ retailers. This is possible only when the agents have significant volume of transactions and offer a suite of products through their outlet. Piyush Gupta, Vice President — Business Development at Eko discusses […]

Mobile money – Influencers of success

In this study, we attempt to examine some notable mobile money deployments across the globe.

Structuring and Managing Agent Network – II

The Briefing Note # 136, reviewed agent networks managed by MNOs. This Note focuses on bank managed agent networks – either directly or by outsourcing to third parties.

Is the Business Correspondent Model in Policy Paralysis?

This Policy Brief examines the recent shift in policy direction for the business correspondent model in India and the associated challenges and potential consequences from a consumer standpoint.