Soumya Harsh Pandey

Senior Manager

Harsh is a Financial Sector Specialist with more than 15 years of experience in Development Finance, Rural Development, and Digital Finance.

Harsh has worked as a Senior Manager with MSC from April 2013 to March 2016 and helped implement projects for international funding agencies. He has also worked as a Senior Analyst from June 2009 to March 2013. Harsh played a leading role in management, training, operations, and technical assistance assignments in India, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Kenya.  His areas of expertise include strategic planning, market research, project management, product development, digital finance, and operations management.

Posts by Soumya Harsh Pandey

Customer Protection in Indian Digital Financial Services: Part 1: Recourse

The blog describes the status of customer protection practices embedded into digital financial service offerings in India.

Financial Capability and Indian Digital Financial Services

The author predicts the future of mobile money based on his experiences, market insights and observations from working many years within the mass financial sectors and in Digital Financial Services.

Customer Vulnerability, Trust and Risk in Indian Digital Financial Services

There is strong evidence that poor customer service/protection is reducing not just uptake but also usage of DFS services. What are the challenges and how can DFS providers address them.

Customer Protection in Indian Digital Financial Services: Part 2: Transparency and Privacy

The part of the two blog series examines the transparency and privacy in Indian digital financial services

Real and Perceived Risk in Indian Digital Financial Services

The blog discusses the real and perceived risks in the Indian digital financial services and suggestions for providers and agent network managers for customer protection.

Time for Action! Customer Service, Protection and Trust in Indian Digital Financial Services

It is time that Indian mobile money providers focus on addressing customer service and protection issues to build trust in DFS and thus stimulate uptake and regular usage

Connecting the Dots: Putting Risk, Customer Protection, and Financial Capability in Perspective

This paper presents the findings on three inter-related concepts – Risks, Customer Protection, and Financial Capability in DFS at both the customer and the agent level.

Using Score-based Audit for Improving Organisational Effectiveness

This Note highlights the advantages of using the Score-based Audit tool, the types of audit tools to be used, designing a methodology and the procedure to use it.