Veena Yamini

Founder at Ankuram Social Ventures

Veena is the co-founder of Saajhee Foundation and founder of Ankuram Social Ventures. Ankuram is a global development sector consulting firm that works towards strengthening social initiatives and their outcomes.

Veena worked as a Specialist at MSC. She is a development practitioner with over 12 years of experience gained through projects in microfinance institutions (MFIs), banks, international aid organizations and industry associations. She is experienced in the areas of e-banking and m-banking, market research and product development, pilot testing, social performance management, client protection, process mapping, internal audit and control, strategic business planning, advanced human resources management and customer service.

Posts by Veena Yamini

Removing the Pain from Using Cash: An M-banking Solution?

This note expands on the cost of cash research, and presents the key findings from the study undertaken and provides insights on how an organisation may apply the tool’s findings in an e- or m-banking scenario

Understanding the ‘Cost of Cash’ for Low Income Clients: Why and How?

MicroSave developed a “cost of cash” tool specifically around for understanding the pain involved in cash transactions which helps e/m-banking stakeholders to discover which suite of transactions to focus on.

The Overlap between Customer Service and Social Performance Management

In this note, through SPM diagnostics, MicroSave helps MFIs to prioritise and choose concrete steps to take in the implementation of proposed SPM improvements.

Integrating Social Performance Management into Governance of MFIs

This note focuses on effective designing of motivation packages for staff as well as putting in place client protection measures for preventing over-indebtedness, fraud, client privacy along with other aspects.

Integrating Social Performance Management into Strategic Business Planning of MFIs

This note talks about the approach of MicroSave that has been of viewing SBP and social performance management (SPM) as integrated rather than stand-alone processes.

Diagnosing Financial Stress in Group Methodology

This focus note presents the learning from a study conducted by MicroSave in collaboration with Grameen Koota to look at the group lending methodology.

Why do Microfinance Clients Take Multiple Loans?

This Note presents the rationale and impact for multiple borrowings from a client perspective and discusses how the MFI and its leaders perceive the issue and its implications.

Review of savings options for MFIs in India

This paper provides information on the savings products available in India and provides a review of the different options by comparative analysis and by listing out the pros and cons of each.