Veena Yamini

Founder at Ankuram Social Ventures

Veena is the co-founder of Saajhee Foundation and founder of Ankuram Social Ventures. Ankuram is a global development sector consulting firm that works towards strengthening social initiatives and their outcomes.

Veena worked as a Specialist at MSC. She is a development practitioner with over 12 years of experience gained through projects in microfinance institutions (MFIs), banks, international aid organizations and industry associations. She is experienced in the areas of e-banking and m-banking, market research and product development, pilot testing, social performance management, client protection, process mapping, internal audit and control, strategic business planning, advanced human resources management and customer service.

Posts by Veena Yamini

Product Development for Youth

Youth is a potential segment to provide financial services as they constitute a huge proportion of the world population. Beyond the sheer numbers of youth, there are several other reasons why this segment has to be considered as having great potential to provide these services. Despite youth being an important segment for providing financial services […]

Responsible digital finance

This blog acknowledges the potential of digital financial services for financial inclusion but outlines many challenges that need to be addressed to achieve its full potential.

Client Protection in Digital Financial Services Sector

Here’s an interesting video on ‘Client protection in digital financial services’. As mobile banking is gradually gaining ground; it also raises concerns for client protection especially for low income clientele who are not familiar with formal financial services and new age technology. So, how should MNOs, agent network managers and banks protect end clients? Watch […]

Poverty Measurement: Challenges and Benefits

This Note highlights the practical challenges in the use of poverty measurement tools, as well as the benefits of their use for MFIs.

Responsible Finance: Concepts and Challenges

This Note highlights the relationship between responsible finance, social performance management and client protection and discusses the opportunities and challenges for MFIs.

What Makes ServQual a Distinctive Tool for Client Protection?

This Note discusses the MicroSave CPP ServQual tool further and highlights what makes it a distinctive tool for unveiling clients’ insights on the client protection.

Exploring Dormancy in no frills saving accounts In Uttar Pradesh and Delhi

MicroSave research aims to understand the reasons for widespread dormancy in No Frills Accounts opened through various service providers like public and private sector banks, RRBs and business correspondents.

The Andhra Pradesh Crisis: Clients’ Perspective

This Note focuses exclusively on clients’ perspectives, before and after the crisis, gathered by the MicroSave team at various points of time, across Andhra Pradesh after the crisis broke in October 2010.