Veena Yamini

Founder at Ankuram Social Ventures

Veena is the co-founder of Saajhee Foundation and founder of Ankuram Social Ventures. Ankuram is a global development sector consulting firm that works towards strengthening social initiatives and their outcomes.

Veena worked as a Specialist at MSC. She is a development practitioner with over 12 years of experience gained through projects in microfinance institutions (MFIs), banks, international aid organizations and industry associations. She is experienced in the areas of e-banking and m-banking, market research and product development, pilot testing, social performance management, client protection, process mapping, internal audit and control, strategic business planning, advanced human resources management and customer service.

Posts by Veena Yamini

Managing Agent Networks to Optimise E- and M-Banking Systems Part-2

BN 73 analysed the agents of e-banking and m-banking systems in the context of Product, Price and Processes. This note extends the analysis into an additional 5Ps of marketing.

Managing Agent Networks to Optimise E- and M-Banking Systems Part-1

Effectively managing agents is key to the success of e-banking and indeed m-banking systems. This note examines some of the international experience using the “8Ps of marketing”.