Nitin Garg

Nitin Garg is the founder of Flow Global where he provides liquidity solutions for independent businesses in emerging markets. He is also the Managing Partner at ConsultColors.

Nitin Garg has more than 12 years of experience in assisting several financial services providers and digital finance implementations across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Pacific region (spanning more than 15 countries). Nitin has worked as a Specialist in the Banking and Innovations domain of MSC. He creates enabling solutions for the unbanked population across the developing economies. Nitin is also a digital transformation expert and has helped several institutions understand, design, and manage the transformation process. After leaving MSC, he worked as a Digital Finance Expert at UNCDF.

Posts by Nitin Garg

Bill payments —The secret to sustainability?

Mobile banking hasn’t really achieved sustainability yet. Everyone talks about it as an almost done deal. Nevertheless, cash still trumps all.

Great business for banks – So why are they slow to build agency banking?

In this blog, MicroSave elaborates the reasons why despite clear business opportunity banks are reticent and unwilling to commit to agency banking.

Channel Satisfaction Measurement and Mangement (CSM) in M-Banking

Nitin Garg, Specialist and mobile banking expert at MicroSave talks about a qualitative research tool called CSM developed by MicroSave. The tool is widely used in the m-banking researches conducted by MicroSave for ANMs. It proposes that the ANM should gather regular feedback from its customers and channel partners (retailers and distributors) on various aspects […]

Saddling Up a Dead Horse: Financial Inclusion in India

Providers need to think of the BC model as a “distributed banking model” rather than as a “financial inclusion drive” to meet regulatory compulsions or social objectives.

Remittances: The Evolving Competitive Environment

This Policy Brief examines the various facets of remittance product offerings, highlights some important aspects and issues around the different remittance models.

Lessons from CSMs: Customer Perspectives

This Note focuses on feedback received from customers on the product offering, customer service, and the processes involved in m-banking, all important aspects of product acceptance and usage.

Lessons from CSMs: Agent Perspectives

This Note particularly focuses on agent (customer service point/CSP) feedback. Regular CSM exercises can be very helpful in taking the pulse of its agents or customer service points (CSPs).

Incentivising E/M-Banking Agents

This Note discusses the basics of incentivising e/m-banking agents. It also discusses the different types of incentives and experience across different e/m-banking deployments.